Chronology of Text Amendments

Section Affected

TitleDescription of Amendment
May 15, 1975

Adoption of Zoning Ordinance
December 1, 2016

Comprehensive reorganization and amendments
December 21, 2017

2.2DefinitionsAdded definition for Historic/Institutional Adaptive Reuse

6.13 NEWHistoric/Institutional Adaptive ReuseNew Section
February 12, 2018

4.3.CPrincipal Uses Permitted by Site PlanNew use Cultural/Historic Memorial Parklet
April 3, 2019

Reformatting of page numbers, section titles, and headers

2.1.B.1Common TermsAdded 'site'

2.2DefinitionsDeleted incorrect subsection cross-reference

2.2DefinitionsAdded definition of 'structural fill' to complement amendments to 7.3

4.1.C; 4.2.C; 4.3.C; 4.4.B; 4.5.BBusiness and Industrial ZonesAdded 'and City Planner'; see Section 9.3 for complementing amendments

4.1.JDesign ConsiderationsCorrected cross-reference to Section 8.4

4.2.HDesign ConsiderationsCorrected cross-reference to Section 8.4

5.2.CApplicabilityAdded cross-reference to Appendix B

5.3FP - Flood Protection Overlay ZoneVarious amendments to respond to State of Connecticut building code revisions

7.1.8(Parking) Other UsesAdded item 'g. Mixed Use'

7.3Earthwork and the Importing and Exporting of Earth ProductsVarious amendments to clarify importing and exporting rather than using the terms 'fill' and 'cut'; Amendments clarify the applicability of bringing or removing earth products to a site

7.8.C.10Erosion and Sedimentationadded "planned, engineered and…" to distinguish that ES measures should not only be installed per the CT manual but also designed in accordance with the Manual

9.3.B.2.bApplicabilityChange of use only requires a zoning permit based on listed thresholds

9.3.B.2.d.ivApplicabilityDefined 'site' for its use in this section only

9.3.B.3 NEWApplicabilityThe City Planner may review and approve site plans in non-residential districts; CAM shall be reviewed by the Commission by CGS

9.3.B.4ApplicabilityDefined minor v. major modifications

9.3.CSubmission RequirementsCross-referenced Appendix A; clarified timing of submission and requirements

9.4.BSubmission RequirementsClarified timing of submission and requirements

9.5.BSubmission RequirementsClarified timing of submission and requirements

9.6.BSubmission RequirementsClarified timing of submission and requirements

9.7.C.1VariancesCross-referenced Appendix C

9.9.HPosting of SignAdded specific sign dimensions and formatting requirements

Appendix ARedraft of submission requirements

Appendix BClarified timing of submission
September 2, 2020

5.4.A.2Application Procedure for MUDDSubmitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission

5.4.A.3Public Hearing, Personal Notice, and Action

5.4.A.4Criteria for Decisions on Change of Zone and Master PlanGeneral Findings and Site Plan Approval

5.4.A.5Specific Requirements for All MUDDs

5.4.A.6Specific Requirements for Residential Development in a MUDD

5.4.A.7Specific Requirements for Commercial and Mixed-Use Development in a MUDD

5.4.A.8Conformance to Recorded Documents

5.4.A.9Amendment or Extension of Approved MUDDs

5.4.A.10Commencement and Completion of Construction

5.4.A.11Performance Bonds


5.4.A.13Outside Storage Applicable to Uses in a Mixed-Use Development District