7.7 Stormwater Management

7.7.A Purpose & Intent

This Section of the Regulations is intended to promote the application of Low Impact Development (LID) strategies for the analysis and design of stormwater treatment systems in order to:

  • Minimize degradation of water resources within the City of Groton from pollution from non-point source runoff;
  • Mitigate impacts to the hydrologic system from development, including reduced groundwater recharge and pollutants found in stormwater runoff; and
  • Reduce or prevent flooding, stream channel erosion, and/or other negative impacts created by the volume of stormwater runoff resulting from development.

7.7.B Applicability

The provisions of this Section of the Regulations shall apply to any development within the City of Groton which requires approval of a Site Plan in accordance with Section 9.3 of these Regulations or approval of a Special Permit in accordance with Section 9.4 of these Regulations.

7.7.C Requirement

  • Unless modified by the Commission as provided in Section 7.7.D below, any development within the City of Groton shall implement the following provisions of Chapter 7 of the Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual (CSQM), as amended:
    • Pollutant Reduction (CSQM Section 7.4).
    • Groundwater Recharge and Runoff Volume Reduction (CSQM Section 7.5).
    • Peak Flow Control (CSQM Section 7.6) for the 10-year, 25-year, and 100-year storm events.
  • In the design of a stormwater management system, design professionals may utilize low impact development techniques as contained in the Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual, as amended.

7.7.D Modifications

The Commission may, by Special Permit, reduce the requirements as specified in Section 7.7.C provided that adequate information has been submitted by the applicant for the Commission to evaluate the request and:

  • The City Engineer has provided a recommendation such requirements cannot reasonably be attained at the subject property and/or such requirements would be of limited practical benefit at the subject property; or
  • The Commission has received a report from a professional engineer hired by the Commission, at the applicant's expense, providing a positive recommendation regarding the modification.