9.2 Zoning / Building Permits

9.2.A Applicability

  • A Zoning / Building Permit shall be obtained from the Zoning and Building Official prior to:
    • Construction, reconstruction, alteration, extension, enlargement, relocation, or demolition of any building or structure: and
    • Occupancy of any building or structure or for any change, extension, or alteration of any use.
  • Nothing herein contained shall require any change in the plans, construction, or use of a building for which a Zoning / Building Permit has been issued or for which plans were on file with the Zoning and Building Official before the effective date of these Regulations.

9.2.B Application Procedures

  • An application for a Zoning / Building Permit shall be made on a form to be furnished by the City.
  • The application for a Zoning / Building Permit shall be accompanied by such information and exhibits as are required herein or may be reasonably required by the Zoning and Building Official in order that the proposal of the applicant may be adequately interpreted and judged as to its conformity with any approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the provisions set forth in the Zoning Regulations, and/or with a variance granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • If required:
    • An application for a Zoning / Building Permit shall include a certification that the lot is on record by map or by deed, including the date of recording or is in a subdivision which has been approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission and a bond covering the cost of street improvements has been received.
    • An application for a Zoning / Building Permit shall include verification in writing from the engineer who designed the Site Plan that the site work has been completed substantially in accord with the approved Site Plan.
  • In the event that any Zoning / Building Permit is issued based on incorrect information or the specific conditions of approval are not strictly adhered to, such permit shall be null and void.

9.2.C Approval

  • No Zoning / Building Permit, order, or other zoning enforcement document shall be issued unless they are in full compliance with the provisions of these Regulations and any conditions of approval established by the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or Zoning Board of Appeals and until they are signed by the Zoning and Building Official.
  • Any Zoning / Building Permit issued to the contrary shall be null and void, and any work undertaken or use established pursuant to such approval or issuance shall be lawful.
  • If site improvements cannot be completed because of weather, or if an alteration does not require the vacating of the premises, or if a portion of a building or development is ready for occupancy before the completion of the entire building or development, or for other pertinent reasons, a conditional Zoning / Building Permit may be issued by the Zoning and Building Official for a period not to exceed 180 days, provided that a bond shall be posted or a portion of the posted bond shall be retained in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of completing the remaining site improvements. Upon satisfactory completion of the remaining site improvements and the written request of the applicant, the Commission shall then release the bond.

9.2.D Notice Provisions

  • In accordance with CGS Section 8-3(f), the recipient of a Zoning / Building Permit may publish notice of issuance of the Zoning / Building Permit in order to establish the appeal period per CGS Section 8-7.
  • Any such notice to be published by the recipient shall contain:
    • A description of the building, use or structure and its location;
    • The identity of the applicant; and
    • A statement that an aggrieved person may appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals in accordance with the provisions of CGS Section 8-7.