6.10 Specialized Classrooms

Specialized Classrooms, as defined in these Regulations are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Specialized Classrooms shall be entirely located within a building and shall not include any activities, other than parking, outside the building.
    1. The parking areas and entrances to the building shall be of a suitable surface and have adequate lighting to ensure the safety of users.
    2. The parking lot and exterior of the building shall be suitably fenced and screened to mitigate any impacts both to and from adjacent properties, as determined by the Commission, particularly when the Specialized Classrooms are located in a building adjacent to a residential use or zone.
    3. Lighting, to the extent feasible, shall be downward directed and confined to the site.
  2. Specialized Classrooms shall not expand, enlarge, add on to, intensify, or otherwise increase the square feet of use or scope in services of programs authorized by the Commission (such as by taking on additional participants or subjects) without first receiving approval from the Commission, as appropriate. At the time of application for any approval, the applicant shall submit a written description of the proposed scope of services and all programs, including, but not limited to, the subject matter to be taught, the maximum number of students, the maximum number of instructors and supporting staff, the number and size of classrooms to be occupied, as well as the hours of operation, the internal floor layout, and the total square footage of the areas utilized.
  3. The applicant shall accommodate all pedestrian and vehicular traffic to and on the site to the extent possible.
    1. Specialized Classrooms will not provide overnight parking for any vehicles.
    2. If the applicant will provide transportation to the site for students, instructors, or staff, it will submit a description of the mode and frequency of transportation. Further, it shall show on the site plan designated drop-off and pick-up sites that are safe and accessible for all vehicles and riders.
  4. Specialized Classrooms shall provide a buffer strip within the boundaries of a lot, which is in or adjacent to a residential district or use, and shall maintain appropriate fencing and landscaping of suitable type, density, and height to effectively screen the facility activities from neighboring residential zones or properties.
    1. Said residential buffer strip shall be 25 feet in width.
    2. The buffer shall include scattered plantings of mixed height of both evergreen and deciduous trees and bushes.
    3. The Commission may, by Special Permit, reduce the width requirements of the buffer area where
      • existing topography, landscaping, and/or other features provide an adequate buffer and screening, or
      • lot size and shape or existing structures make it infeasible to comply with the minimum widths required above, provided screening (planting, fences, berms, etc.) or other methods are utilized to ensure the buffer area meets the intent of these Regulations.