5.3 FP – Flood Protection Overlay Zone

5.3.A Purpose and Intent

The provisions of this Section are adopted to fulfill requirements for participation by the City of Groton in the National Flood Insurance Program. These regulations are also intended to:

  • To minimize expenditure of public funds for costly flood control projects;
  • To minimize the need for rescue and relief efforts associated with flooding and generally undertaken at the expense of the general public;
  • To minimize prolonged business and economic disruptions;
  • To minimize damage to public facilities, infrastructure and utilities, such as water and gas mains, electric, telephone and sewer lines, and streets and bridges, located in the floodplain;
  • To help maintain a stable tax base by providing for the sound use and development of flood hazard areas in such a manner as to minimize flood damage;
  • To prevent increases in flood heights that could further increase flood damage;
  • To discourage development in a floodplain if there is any practicable alternative to locate the activity, use or structure outside of the floodplain.

5.3.B Applicability

  • The provisions of this Section, as well as those of City Ordinance Number 73 concerning floodplain management, shall apply to the areas of special flood hazard identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in its Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for New London County, Connecticut, dated August 5, 2013, and accompanying Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), dated August 5, 2013. The FIS and accompanying FIRMs, and other supporting data applicable to the City of Groton, and any subsequent revisions thereto, are adopted by reference and declared to be a part of these Regulations.
  • The area of special flood hazard includes any area shown on the FIRM as Zones A, AE, Coastal AE and VE, including areas designated as a floodway on a FIRM. Zone VE is also identified as a Coastal High Hazard Area.
  • Since mapping is legally adopted by reference into this regulation it must take precedence when more restrictive until such time as a map amendment or map revision is obtained from FEMA.

5.3.C Caveat

  • The degree of flood protection required by this regulation is considered the minimum reasonable for regulatory purposes and is based on scientific and engineering consideration and research. Larger floods can and will occur on rare occasions. Flood heights may be increased by man-made or natural causes.
  • This regulation does not imply or guarantee that land outside the Special Flood Hazard Area or uses permitted in such areas will be free from flooding and flood damages.
  • This regulation shall not create liability on the part of the City of Groton or by any officer or employee thereof for any flood damages that result from reliance on this regulation or any administrative decision lawfully made thereunder. The City of Groton, its officers and employees shall assume no liability for another person's reliance on any maps, data or information provided by the City of Groton.