• Junkyard or Motor Junk Business - The term "junk yard" shall be construed to include any "junkyard," "motor vehicle junk business," and "motor vehicle junk yard," as defined in State Statutes, any place of business or of outside storage or deposit, whether in connection with another business or not, which has stored or deposited two or more unregistered vehicles which are no longer intended or in condition for legal use on the public highways, or used parts of vehicles or old iron, metal, glass, paper, cordage, or other waste material or discarded second-hand material which has been a part, or intended to be a part, of any vehicle, the sum of which parts or material shall be equal in bulk to two or more vehicles. Said term shall also include any place of business or of outside storage or deposit of vehicles for parts or for use of the metal for scrap and where it is intended to burn materials which are part of a vehicle or cut up of the parts thereof.
  • Landscaped / Landscaping - The term landscaped or landscaping shall mean an area appropriately graded and with the exception of ledge and natural rock outcropping shall be at least covered with grass, ground cover, evergreen plantings, and any additional plantings required by the Regulations or the Commission. See "Buffer or Buffer Strip" See "Screening, Complete Visual" in Section 2.2 of these Regulations.
  • Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary - A pharmacist licensed pursuant to Chapter 400j of the Connecticut General Statutes, who the Department of Consumer Protection has licensed to acquire, possess, distribute, and dispense marijuana pursuant to sections 1 to 15, inclusive, of "An Act Concerning the Palliative Use of Marijuana".
  • Licensed Medical Marijuana Producer - A person or organization that is licensed as a producer by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection under section 10 of an "An Act Concerning the Palliative Use of Marijuana and whose purpose is to cultivate marijuana for palliative use and selling, delivering, transporting or distributing such marijuana only to licensed dispensaries under sections 1 to 15, inclusive of the above Act.

Lodging Facilities

  • Bed and Breakfast Establishment - An owner-occupied building and property (i.e., the principal residence of the owner) having six or fewer guest rooms without separate kitchen facilities, in which overnight accommodations and breakfast only are provided to guests for a fee.
  • Hotel - A building providing transient lodging for the general public with or without meals and intended for public accommodation, and so designed that normal access and egress are controlled from a central point, and further, that no provisions are made for cooking in any lodging room.
  • Motel - A building or group of buildings providing transient lodging for the general public, having a private outside entrance for each room or suite of rooms, and for each of which rooms or suite of rooms off-street parking spaces are provided on the premises, and further, that no provision is made for cooking in any lodging room.
  • Def.-Lot-TypesLot-Related Terms
  • Lot - A plot or parcel of land:
    • under the same ownership,
    • occupied or capable of being occupied by a principal building (or group of principal buildings, where so allowed) and the accessory buildings or uses customarily incident thereto, and
    • including such areas, setbacks, and yards as are required by these Regulations.


  • Corner Lot-A front lot abutting upon two or more streets at their intersection.
  • Front Lot-A lot having the required lot width on a street.
  • Rear Lot-A lot in which the buildable area is located generally to the rear of other lots having frontage on the same street.
  • Def.-Lot-line-locationThrough Lot-A lot, other than a corner lot, which has frontage on two or more streets.

Lot Line Locations

  • Lot Line - Any property line bounding a lot.
  • Street Line -The dividing property line between a street accepted by the City of Groton or approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission under the Subdivision Regulations and the lot.
  • Front Lot Line -On a rear lot, the lot line which is adjacent to the accessway leading to the rear lot and which is most closely parallel to the street providing access.
  • Rear Lot Line -The lot line generally opposite to the street line; if the rear lot line is less than 10 feet in length, or if the lot comes to a point in the rear, the rear lot line shall be deemed to be a line parallel to the street line, not less than 10 feet in length, lying farthest from the street line.
  • Side Lot Line -A lot line other than a "street line" or a "rear lot line."

Lot Measurements


  • Lot Area - The gross horizontal area contained within the property lines of the lot.
  • Lot Coverage -See "Coverage-Related Terms" in Section 2.2 of these Regulations.
  • Lot Depth - The mean distance from the street line of the lot measured in the general direction of the sidelines of the lot.
  • Lot Width - The horizontal distance between side lot lines measured parallel to the street line and along the front yard setback line.