Appendix B: Coastal Site Plan Requirements

Sheet Size

24" x 36"; (12" x 18" or 18" x 24" if approved in advance by City Planner)

Number of Plan Sets

The number of plans submitted shall be determined by the City Planner depending on staff referrals.

Coastal Site Plan Contents

  • A Coastal Site Plan application and accompanying plans shall be submitted to the City Planner three weeks prior to any regularly scheduled meeting of the Commission.
  • In addition to paper copies of the application a PDF of the initial application and all subsequent revisions and supplemental materials shall be provided.
  • A coastal site plan shall include a plan showing the location and special relationship of coastal resources on and contiguous to the site; a description of the entire project with appropriate plans, indicating project location, design, timing and methods of construction; an assessment of the capability of the resources to accommodate the proposed site; evaluation of the potential beneficial and adverse impacts of the project and a description of proposed resources.
  • "Any person submitting a coastal site plan, as defined above, shall demonstrate that the adverse impacts of the proposed activity are acceptable and shall demonstrate that such activity is consistent with the goals and policies of Section 22a-92 of the Connecticut General Statutes."
  • To evaluate the potential impacts upon coastal resources the Commission or its designated agent may require the submission of a stormwater management plan or soil erosion and sedimentation control plan prepared in accordance with these Regulations.
  • Coastal Site Plan Action:
    • The Board or Commission reviewing the coastal site plan shall, in addition to the discretion granted in any other sections of the Connecticut General Statutes or in any special act, approve, modify, condition or deny the activity proposed in a coastal site plan on the basis of the criteria listed in Chapter 444, Section 22a-106 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Further, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 22a-106(e), the reviewing commission must find that the proposed activity is consistent with all applicable goals and policies of Section 22a-92 and incorporate as conditions or modifications all reasonable measures which would mitigate the adverse impacts of the proposed activity on both coastal resources and future water-dependent development activities.
    • The Board or Commission approving, modifying, conditioning or denying a coastal site plan on the basis of criteria listed above shall state in writing the findings and reasons for its action.
    • In accordance with CGS Section 22a-105, failure to act on a coastal site plan within 65 days of the date of receipt (plus any extensions) shall be deemed a rejection.