The City of Groton is a political subdivision of the Town of Groton, as governed by a City Charter, strong mayor and appointed council. By way of the Charter (ARTICLE VI), the annual budget process must follow a preliminary preparation, a proposed budget, and an annual city budget meeting. The budget follows a fiscal year schedule, July 1 through June 30.

View the City Charter for the full annual budget process.

Preliminary budget estimates are compiled by the Mayor’s Office before the second Monday of March. Department heads must provide the Mayor with detailed estimates of expenditures to be made by the specific Department.

Note: Department heads of the Police Department and Highway Department (Public Works) submit their proposed budgets to the Mayor’s Office no later than the first week in January. Within two weeks, the Mayor must finalize those budgets and submit them to the Council for review and approval. Once approved, the Mayor must submit the request for reimbursement to the Manager of the Town of Groton, as the Town subsidizes a portion of the Police Department and Highway Department budgets.

Proposed budgets are brought to the Council for consideration on the first Monday in April. On the third Monday in April the Council holds a public hearing at which any elector or qualified citizen has the opportunity to be heard on the proposed budget. By the third Monday in May, the Council shall approve the budget. On the fourth Monday in May, a summary of the proposed budget will be published and copies will be made available to the electors and qualified citizens at the office of the City Clerk.

The Annual City Budget Meeting will be held on the first Monday of June, once approved at this meeting the budget will become effective for the upcoming fiscal year.  Failure to approve a budget will result in the budget submitted by the Mayor and approved Council deemed to have been fully adopted and all expenditures to be made in accordance with said budget.