6.11 Boat Club, Beach Club and Marina

Boat clubs, beach clubs and/or marinas, as defined in these Regulations, are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Properties used for boat clubs, beach clubs and/or marinas shall have at least 150 feet of water frontage.
  2. Boat clubs, beach clubs and/or marinas shall comply with all applicable provisions of the State and City Building, Housing, Health, Sanitation, and Environmental Protection Codes and Ordinances, as approved by the proper official.
  3. Adequate toilet facilities shall be provided on the lot and shall be located so as to be easily accessible to patrons and guests.
  4. The following uses and structures are hereby recognized as being accessory to boat clubs, beach clubs and/or marinas:
    1. A boat way, ramp or dock.
    2. Fuel filling facilities for boats.
    3. Storage garage for boats.
    4. Repair and/or service garage for boats.
    5. A boat storage yard.
    6. Buildings to house storage lockers and related shower facilities.
    7. A building for retail sales of boats, equipment, material and supplies.
    8. A refreshment stand or snack bar attached to or inside the principal building with a seating capacity not to exceed twenty seats.
    9. Other accessory buildings and uses clearly subordinate and customarily incidental to and located on the same lot with the principal use.
  5. Outdoor storage of boats shall not be permitted within required front and side yard setbacks.