8.2 Dimensional Exceptions

8.2.A Yard Setback Exceptions

  • Open entries, steps, stoops, or porches, cantilevered roofs, eaves, cornices, chimneys, belt-courses, window sills, balconies, and similar architectural features may project into a required yard setback provided that such features shall not project more than 4 feet into any required yard setback or more than a distance equal to 20% of the required yard setback, whichever is less.
  • Public utility equipment may be installed within a front yard setback provided it is installed in an underground vault or is screened to the satisfaction of the Zoning and Building Official or City Planner.
  • Notwithstanding any other provision of these Regulations, a Zoning / Building Permit may be issued to allow construction of stairways and landings within a front yard setback, side yard setback, and/or rear yard setbacks when such construction is necessary in order to elevate an existing structure in a flood plain to meet FEMA requirements and the intrusion of such stairways and/or landings within the required yard setback is minimized.

8.2.B Height Exceptions

  • The height provisions of these Regulations shall not apply to the erection of church spires, belfries, towers designated exclusively for ornamental purposes, flagstaffs, chimneys, flues, or gas holders.
  • The height provisions of these Regulations shall not apply to bulkheads, elevator enclosures, penthouses, water tanks, standpipes, or stage towers occupying in the aggregate less than 10% of the area of the roof on which they are located.
  • Nothing in these Regulations shall prevent the erection of a parapet wall or a cornice extending not more than 3 feet above the height limit indicated.
  • The height provisions of these Regulations shall not prevent the erection of a permitted public building or facility not exceeding 40 feet in a residence zone.

8.2.C Second Principal Building on Same Lot

  • No lot in any residential district, except for approved multi-family dwellings in groups, boat clubs, beach clubs and marinas, and bed and breakfast establishments, shall contain more than one principal building or structure.
  • No building to be used as a dwelling shall be constructed, altered, or moved on, to, or in the rear of a building situated on the same lot, nor shall any building be constructed in front of, or moved to the front of a dwelling situated on the same lot.