6.8 Community Residential Counseling Facilities (CRCFs)

Community Residential Counseling Facilities (CRCFs), as defined in these Regulations, are subject to the following conditions:

  1. A CRCF shall not be permitted on any lot or parcel which is within 800 feet of any lot or parcel containing a duly licensed or authorized public or private school, park, playground or day care facility.
  2. A CRCF shall not be permitted on any lot or parcel which is within 1,000 feet of any lot or parcel containing an existing and duly licensed or authorized CRCF.
  3. A CRCF shall not expand, enlarge, add on to, intensify or otherwise increase the scope and services of the program authorized by the Commission (such as by adding or taking in more residents or clients) without first receiving approval from the Commission.  At the time of application for any approval, the applicant shall:
    1. Submit a written description of the proposed scope and services of its program, including, but not limited to, security precautions, meals, transportation arrangements and recreation.
    2. Shall state the maximum number of residents to be served by the facility and the number of staff.
  4. A staff member shall be on-site at the facility at all times.
  5. No CRCF shall be operated without first obtaining all licenses and permits as required by State and federal law.
  6. Within the General Commercial zone only, a CRCF may provide counseling services to non-residents, as well as residents provided that the Commission has approved such use and providing the facility includes a separate waiting room and separate meeting room for such non-resident services.