5.1 ROS – Recreation Open Space

5.1.A Purpose

The Recreation Open Space zone is intended to provide for recreation and open space uses and to allow for public buildings and uses in appropriate areas.

5.1.B Permitted Uses

  • Nature trails, arboretums, land reserves, and other areas of natural scenic beauty.
  • Parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities including, but not limited to, public swim or beach club, golf course and/or athletic field.
  • Officially designated historic sites or buildings.

5.1.C Principal Uses Permitted By Special Permit Approval & Site Plan Approval (Commission)

  • Municipal and other public buildings, including educational institutions with 2,000 square feet or more floor area.
  • Restaurants, snack bars, concession stands, or any other facilities for the dispensing of food and/or non-alcoholic beverages, provided that they are accessory to a permitted principal use.
  • Telecommunication facilities, subject to the requirements of Section 6.12 of these Regulations.

5.1.D Permitted Accessory Uses

  • Swimming pools, bleachers, grandstands, and other permanent recreational facilities, provided that such facilities shall be located at least 100 feet from the nearest residence zone.
  • Offices and buildings for the storage and use of equipment necessary to maintain the principal use.
  • Bathrooms and other public facilities provided that such facilities are accessory to and necessary for the principal use.
  • Parking only as an accessory to the principal use.

5.1.E Dimensional Standards

 ROS District (see note 1)
Minimum Lot Area40,000 square feet
Minimum Lot Width100 feet
Minimum Front Yard Setback50 feet
Minimum Side Yard Setback50 feet
Minimum Rear Yard Setback50 feet except that a rear yard setback shall not be required for the portion of the lot abutting navigable water
Maximum Building Coverage10%
Maximum Building Height35 feet


Section 8.3 of the Regulations may provide flexibility related to some of these dimensional standards.