• Vehicle - Any motor vehicle as defined by the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, as amended.
  • Vehicle Dealership - A facility or lot primarily used for merchandising vehicles.
  • Vocational Training Facility - A facility established to provide instruction and training for school to work transition to physically and developmentally disabled persons (14 years or older) providing school to work transition programs and instruction and guidance in one or more of the following areas: daily living, personal and social adjustment, self-care, work habits and skills, speech and language development. Such a facility shall not provide any residential or overnight care or accommodations or medical treatment facility providing inpatient or outpatient services of any kind. Such a facility may offer a recreational program involving activities that are social, athletic or purely diversionary in nature.

Water Dependent-Related Terms

  • Water-Dependent- Uses or facilities which require direct access to, or location in, marine or tidal waters and which therefore cannot be located inland, including, but not limited to, marinas, recreational and commercial fishing and boating facilities, waterfront dock and port facilities, water-based recreational uses, navigation aids, basins and channels, industrial uses dependent upon waterborne transportation, or requiring large volumes of cooling or process water which cannot reasonably be located in an inland site and uses which provide general public access to marine or tidal waters.
  • Functionally-Dependent Facility - A facility which cannot be used for its intended purpose unless it is located in close proximity to water. The term includes only docking facilities, port facilities that are necessary for the loading and unloading of cargo or passengers, and ship building and ship repair facilities. The term does not include seafood processing facilities, long-term storage, manufacturing, sales or service facilities. See "Water Dependent" in Section 2.2 of these Regulations.