6.5 Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Bed and breakfast establishments, as defined in these Regulations, are subject to the following conditions which are intended to balance the desire to provide for short-term overnight accommodations in a residential setting for travelers and visitors to this area while helping to ensure that bed and breakfast establishments are as unobtrusive as possible, i.e., that they are commenced and maintained with little or no impact upon the existing character and appearance of the neighborhoods in which they are located.

  1. Bed and breakfast establishment shall generally be accommodated within an existing building.
    1. Exterior alterations may be made to existing buildings or structures in order to preserve a valuable historic property, promote adaptive reuse of buildings, or comply with local or State health and safety code requirements.
    2. No building addition or freestanding building shall be constructed in order to accommodate or otherwise make room for the bed and breakfast establishment, except for additions or structures required under local or State health and safety codes.
    3. An existing outbuilding may accommodate rooms, but shall not be added onto or enlarged, provided it conforms to the minimum yard setback requirements of the respective zone in which it is located.
    4. However, in all cases, such alterations must be considered minimal exterior modifications of the building or structure which are compatible with the character of the area, ensure the residential character of the buildings, and preserve the existing features of the building.
  2. The gross floor area of that portion of the residence containing the bed and breakfast establishment shall not equal more than 50% of the total gross floor area of the entire building, said bed and breakfast area being defined as guestrooms, dining areas, and bathroom areas used by guests. This provision shall not apply to outbuildings used as part of the bed and breakfast establishment; however, under no circumstances shall an outbuilding contain more guestrooms than the owner occupied principal residence.
  3. No guest shall be accommodated for more than seven nights in any two-week period.
  4. Minimum parking space requirements shall be as stated in Section 7.1 of these Regulations. In addition, all spaces shall be on-site, and no guest parking spaces shall be located in any required front yard setback area of the subject property.
  5. All parking and loading areas and other outdoor recreational and/or service activities associated with the Bed and Breakfast Establishment that are located within a residential zone or abut or are located across the street from property within a Residential Zone shall be effectively screened and bordered on all sides by a 10-foot-wide buffer strip; however, the Planning and Zoning Commission may, by Special Permit, reduce the buffer dimension requirement where:
    1. Existing topography, landscaping, and/or other features provide an adequate buffer and screening, or
    2. Where lot size and shape or existing structures make it infeasible to comply with the buffer width required above, provided screening (planting, fences, berms, etc.) or other methods are utilized to ensure the buffer area meets the intent of these Regulations.
  6. All applicable fire, building, health and safety codes and requirement shall be met prior to commencement of operations, and in the cases where proposed sites are located in A and V zones of designated coastal flood areas, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Commission’s satisfaction at the time of application that hazards to life and property are being minimized.
  7. No more than two non-resident staff shall be employed on any single shift.
  8. Access to each guestroom shall be via a main entrance, lobby or foyer within the building. No guestroom shall have a separate exterior access except as may be required by fire or building codes.
  9. The owner of the Bed and Breakfast Establishment shall maintain a Guest Book to record lengths of stay.
  10. The owner of the Bed and Breakfast Establishment shall make the Guest Book available to the City within ten days of receipt of written request for same from the City Planner or the Zoning and Building Official.