Appendix C: ZBA Application Requirements

Sheet Size Standard letter or legal size sheets of paper although plot plans prepared on larger sheets of paper may be accepted by the Zoning Board of Appeals, provided that such plot plans are duly certified.

Number of Plan Sets 8 plot plans

  • All applications for variances shall show the location of the buildings on abutting property, drawn to the same scale as the plot plan and the specific location of all proposed buildings, if applicable. This does not in any way authorize trespassing for any purpose.
  • No division of a lot, reduction in lot area, reduction in lot width, or relocation of common lot lines shall be considered by the Zoning Board of Appeals unless a certified plot plan is submitted with the application.
  • No division of a lot that would reduce the area of the resulting lots below the minimum required lot area of the applicable zoning district shall be considered by the Zoning Board of Appeals unless the lot abuts a public sewer or the owner obtains a satisfactory sanitation report from the Ledge Light Health District and submits same with the application.
  • All applications for approval of location for new gas stations, motor vehicle dealerships, and motor vehicle repair garages shall be accompanied by an approved site plan and an authorized special permit.
  • The Board may waive or modify any or all of the requirements set forth above.
  • Failure of the applicant to meet any of the requirements set forth in Section 9.7 shall in no event invalidate any decision made by the Board on the merits of such application.