6.6 Gasoline Stations, Vehicle Dealerships, Vehicle Repair and Service

Gasoline stations, vehicle dealerships, vehicle repair and/or service garages, and similar automotive uses, as defined in these Regulations or by State Statute, are subject to the following conditions:

  1. In addition to any approvals required from the Commission, location approval shall be obtained from by the Zoning Board of Appeals as required by CGS Section 14-54.
  2. There shall be a minimum lot area of 15,000 square feet and a minimum lot width of 120 feet for gasoline stations, vehicle repair and/or service garages. There shall be a minimum lot area of 30,000 square feet and a minimum width of 150 feet for new and used vehicle dealerships.
  3. The storage of petroleum products in underground tanks shall not exceed 40,000 gallons and the storage of fuel oils in above-ground tanks shall not exceed 275 gallons.
  4. Provisions shall be made for entering and leaving the lot in such a manner that traffic hazards are minimized. Driveway aprons shall be a minimum distance of 25 feet from any street intersection and 10 feet from any adjacent lot line.
  5. Fuel pumps and above-ground fuel storage tanks shall be located 25 feet from any street line or adjacent lot line.
  6. Servicing, other than retail sale of gasoline and oil and minor services customarily incidental thereto, shall be conducted within a building. No repair work, except of an emergency nature, will be performed out-of-doors. No servicing or storage of any vehicle shall take place on any adjacent public street or sidewalk. Outside storage and display of vehicles shall be restricted to areas no closer than 10 feet from any street line or adjacent lot line.
  7. Adequate area for parking, storage and servicing shall be provided on private property.
  8. Outdoor lighting shall be in accordance with Section 7.6 and the following:
    1. Appropriate and necessary lights shall be installed and maintained.
    2. All free-standing lights shall be indirectly illuminated and shall not exceed 18 feet in height.
    3. No free-standing light shall be permitted in any required rear or side yard setback adjacent to a residential district.
  9. Appropriate landscape and screening of suitable type, density and height shall be installed and suitably maintained.
  10. No application for Approval of Location for any gasoline station, vehicle dealership or vehicle repair and/or service garage, shall be accepted by the Zoning Board of Appeals unless and until the Planning and Zoning Commission has previously approved the Site Plan and authorized the issuance of a Special Permit.