8 Conclusion

The Plan of Conservation and Development has been developed to prepare the City of Groton for the challenges that it will face during the next decade and beyond.

Throughout the preparation of this Plan, a great deal of information was collected, analyzed, presented and discussed during many interviews, meetings and workshops. Through this process, an overall vision, general goals and policies were developed, resulting in the specific strategies summarized throughout this Plan.

The City of Groton is growing and changing. New residents are moving into the City, land uses are being changed, and large local businesses (Electric Boat and Pfizer) are adapting to changed opportunities. The social and fiscal issues which affect the City are also changing.

As change occurs, there is also a desire for things to remain the same. For example, City residents want to protect important resources and preserve the attributes that make the City of Groton special to them.

Balancing growth and change with the special attributes of the City is part of what this Plan of Conservation and Development is all about. The Plan is intended to guide future growth and change to preserve the best of Groton while accommodating the needs of the community.

The Plan is built upon the previous plans prepared by the City and incorporates input from residents, City officials, and the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Plan is intended to help guide and shape City actions over the next decade or so.

While the Plan is an advisory document, the policies and recommendations in the Plan identify actions and strategies which are felt to be in the best interests of the community.

In summary, Groton residents have prepared this Plan to guide the future conservation and development of the community and preserve and maintain the overall quality of life in the community.

Still, the most important part of the planning process remains to be done. Once adopted, the Plan must be implemented in order for its strategies to be put into action and its vision fulfilled.

The Plan is intended as a guide to be followed in order to enhance the quality of life and the community character of the City of Groton. It is intended to be flexible in order to allow adjustments in the manner that specific goals and objectives are achieved while maintaining stability in the long-term goals of the community.

During implementation, some goals may be achieved quickly, some goals will be achieved incrementally as time and money allow and the premise behind others will undoubtedly change, calling recommendations into question. Such situations are to be welcomed since they will mean that the Plan is being used.

The Plan of Conservation and Development is not static but a living document that is meant to be referenced, challenged and if changing circumstances warrant, amended to keep in tune with the goals and vision of the community. If the City of Groton is successful in implementing this Plan, the character of the community will be preserved and enhanced, making it an attractive place to work, shop, play, and live.