POCD Res Legend

Responsibility Legend

Acronyms For Leaders And Partners

BPCBeach and Parks Committee
CouncilCity Council
CWCConservation / Wetlands Comm.
CVWGCoastal Vulnerability Working Group (NEW)
DEEPConnecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
DOTConnecticut Department of Transportation
EDCEconomic Development Commission
EPHDEastern Point Historic District Commission
FireCity of Groton Fire
HMCHarbor Management Commission
LLHDLedge Light Health District
PoliceCity of Groton Police / Traffic Authority
PZCPlanning and Zoning Commission
PWPublic Works
SECCOGSoutheastern Connecticut Council of Governments
SECTERSoutheastern Connecticut Enterprise Region
StaffCity of Groton Staff
TRHPThames River Heritage Park
TRIPThames River Innovation Partnership
TOGTown of Groton
UCUtilities Commission
WPCAWater Pollution Control Authority


The “priority” numbers in the strategy tables in the POCD are intended for general guidance only.