7.0 Implementation

Implementation of the strategies and recommendations of the Plan of Conservation and Development is the main purpose of the planning process. Implementation of a Plan typically occurs in two main phases:

  • some of the recommendations can and should be given high priority since they are critical to the implementation of the Plan;
  • other recommendations will be implemented over time because they may require additional study, coordination with or implementation by others, or involve the commitment of significant financial resources.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has the primary responsibility of promoting the implementation of the Plan's recommendations. The Commission can also implement some of the recommendations of the Plan of Conservation and Development through amendments to the Zoning Regulations, Zoning Map, Subdivision Regulations, application reviews, and other means. Other recommendations may require cooperation with and action by other local boards and commissions such as the City Council, Conservation Commission, and similar agencies.

However, if the Plan is to be realized, it must serve as a guide to all residents, businesses, developers, applicants, owners, agencies, and individuals interested in the orderly conservation and development of the City of Groton.