7.1 Implementation Tools / Strategies

Implementation Table

The policy chapters of the POCD contain implementation tables which identify leaders and partners responsible for implementing POCD recommendations.

The implementation tables outline two types of recommendations - policies and tasks. Policies tend to be continuing activities that may never be fully implemented. Policies are difficult to monitor in terms of implementation and do not lend themselves to target completion dates.

On the other hand, tasks are activities which can be clearly defined and can be monitored in terms of implementation. Tasks (colored red in the implementation tables) lend themselves to priorities in terms of implementation.

Application Reviews

Using the Plan of Conservation and Development as a basis for decisions by the Planning and Zoning Commission will help accomplish the goals and objectives of the POCD. Zoning map changes, text changes, and special permits should be measured and evaluated in terms of the Plan and its various elements.

Operating Budget / Capital Budget

The annual budget is the blueprint for spending in the City and it is an effective way to assist with implementation of POCD recommendations. The Planning and Zoning Commission should consider ways to complement the work done each year by the Mayor and City Council in establishing budget priorities.

Capital budgeting is used to coordinate the sequencing and financing of major public improvements and other long-term capital investments in a community. Since Section 8-24 of the Connecticut General Statutes requires that municipal improvements (as defined in the statute) be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a report before any local action is taken, the Commission should strive to guide spending on capital projects also reflects the priorities and recommendations of the Plan.

Strategies To Implement The POCD

1. Use the implementation tables in the policy chapters of the POCD to guide implementation of POCD recommendations.6.11PZCCouncil Staff
2. Use the POCD as a basis for PZC decisions on zoning map changes, text changes, and special permits.4.44PZCStaff
3. Use the POCD as guide for preparing and implementing the annual operating budget.2.78CouncilMayor Staff
4. Use the POCD as guide for preparing and implementing the capital budget.2.22CouncilMayor Staff
5. Use the POCD as a guide when conducting a CGS Section 8-24 review of “municipal improvements.”4.44PZCCouncil Staff

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Inter-Municipal Cooperation

  • In the future, there may be greater desire to share service delivery in order to realize cost savings.
  • The “Shared Services Opportunity Study” prepared by SECCOG in conjunction with the municipalities in the region my provide some guidance on how this could be undertaken.