7.2 Priorities For POCD Strategies

There are a number of recommendations in the POCD and it is understood that it will be challenging to implement them all within a 10-year timeframe. However, all the recommendations are important and can make the City of Groton a better place.

In order to provide some guidance, the members Planning and Zoning Commission decided to individually and anonymously prioritize the recommendations in the POCD. Each person gave a priority rating of 1 (highest priority) to 4 (lowest priority). These responses were then collated and the average ratings were converted to a 10-point scale with 10 being the highest rated strategy.

The highest rated strategies are presented below and on the facing page. Based on the results of this exercise, the Planning and Zoning Commission felt that the POCD would be a success if it could accomplish as many of the "top rated" items as possible.

Highest Rated Individual Recommendations (8 to 10 points)

5.3Maintain Community Assets1. Continue to protect coastal resources.10
3.1Encourage / Promote Economic Development1. Continue to promote and support economic development by ….9.44
2.3Enhance "Sense of Place"1. Use place-making strategies as a way to project a memorable image of the City to others and help attract new residents, businesses, customers, and visitors.9.44
3.2Encourage / Promote Economic Development2. Continue to promote the "Thames River Heritage Park" concept and inclusion of the City attractions (Thames Street and Fort Griswold).8.89
5.4Maintain Community Assets1. Continue to encourage the preservation and protection of scenic resources.8.33
3.1Encourage / Promote Economic Development2. Continue to work with major employers, the Town, the region, and other agencies in coordinated economic development efforts.8.33
5.7Maintain Community Assets1. Continue to maintain adequate public water service for domestic, industrial, and fire-fighting needs.8.33
5.7Maintain Community Assets1. Continue programs and efforts to protect and improve water quality in the City.8.33
5.1Maintain Community Assets1. Continue to maintain and improve the integrity of residential neighborhoods in order to preserve and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.8.33

Ratings of Strategies

For comparison purposes, the average rating of strategies was computed. While this allows a comparison between strategies, is not particularly meaningful since some higher-rated strategies may be masked by a greater number of lower-rated strategies.

Average Priority
3.1Encourage / Promote Economic DevelopmentContinue To Promote Economic Development8.89
3.2Encourage / Promote Economic DevelopmentPromote Tourism8.06
5.1Maintain Community AssetsMaintain And Enhance Residential Areas6.25
2.1Enhance “Sense Of Place”Strengthen and Enhance Thames Street6.21
5.6Maintain Community AssetsMaintain An Efficient Transportation System5.87
4.2Capitalize On OpportunitiesDiversify Our Housing Portfolio5.74
2.2Enhance “Sense Of Place”Strengthen and Enhance Five Corners5.56
2.3Enhance “Sense Of Place”Improve Place-Making5.50
5.4Maintain Community AssetsEnhance Community Character4.88
5.3Maintain Community AssetsManage Activities In Coastal Areas4.61
5.7Maintain Community AssetsManage Utility Services4.56
6.2Address Community IssuesAddress Community Facility Issues4.44
5.5Maintain Community AssetsProtect Natural Resources4.38
5.2Maintain Community AssetsPreserve Open Space4.37
4.1Capitalize On OpportunitiesEnhance Pedestrian / Bicycle Transportation4.26
6.1Address Community IssuesPrepare For Climate Change And Sea Level Rise3.52
6.3Address Community IssuesPromote Sustainability / Resiliency2.67