Workers Memorial

The Workers Memorial ceremony is held annually on April 28th across the country to remember and honor union brothers and sisters who lost their lives while on the job. Locally, the Memorial Monument stands at Washington Park in Groton (155 Meridian Street, Groton CT). The Memorial site contains more than 600 commemorative markers remembering workers and their families who have made the supreme sacrifice through loss of life. The Southeastern Connecticut Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) pledges to stand solid as the rock at the Memorial site to continue to fight for every American Workers right to a safe worksite.

Personalized Markers

Personalized Markers can be customized with your name, the names of loved ones in memory of, or your local union. Your markers will be placed at the Workers Memorial Monument site at Washington Park, Groton, CT and will be a permanent part of our memorial.

Contact at AFL-CIO for memorial personalized markers - AFL-CIO Community Service Representative Maggie Marley at (860) 464-6012 or

Workers Memorial Sign