Snow Removal

The City of Groton Public Works Department is responsible for removing snow and ice from the miles of public roads in Groton, CT. Clearing is done on a priority basis, with high volume roads cleared first. Once the most heavily traveled roads and emergency routes are adequately clear, snow crews move to less-traveled roads and subdivisions.

State Roads

Route 349/Clarence B. Sharp Highway, Rainville Avenue, and Eastern Point Road south of Chester Street to Avery Point are plowed by the State Department of Transportation. Likewise, the City of Groton maintains roads within the City, while Town Public Works crews plow Town roads. If you have questions or concerns about a certain street, be sure you contact the proper agency

  • City of Groton Public Works - (860) 446-4127
  • Town of Groton Public Work - (860) 448-4083
  • State Department of Transportation - (860) 536-3985

Other Streets

If a street within a townhouse, condominium or business/commercial complex is not posted with a state route number, it is a private street that is the responsibility of the homeowner/condominium association or property management company to clear. Please contact your association or the property manager for further information.


The City of Groton Public Works Department does not clear snow and ice from public walkways (sidewalks and trails). All property owners or occupants of land adjacent to a sidewalk have the responsibility to remove snow and ice from sidewalks. Per the City of Groton Ordinance, residential area sidewalks must be cleared on the same day as the end of snowfall, or within 6 hours of daylight after the end of snowfall, whichever period is longer.

Facts and Tips

  • Depending on forecast and conditions, salting will continue throughout the storm. City plows will begin to plow major roads after approximately 2 inches of snow accumulation.
  • Roads are plowed in the following priority: major roads first, then secondary roads, and finally minor roads and dead-ends. During a storm our goal is to keep roads passable for emergency vehicle access. Roads will be widened and cul-de-sacs are completed as soon as possible, but not before other roads are made passable for emergency vehicle access.
  • Do not shovel, plow, or blow snow back into the roadway. It's illegal and can cause traffic problems as well as impede emergency vehicles during a storm.
  • Please be patient. We are going to plow every road as quickly as possible, however some roads must be given priority due to public safety concerns and plow route patterns.
  • Prepare your property for snow removal by keeping fences, mailboxes, basketball hoops, bike / skateboard ramps, etc. away from the edge of the road.
  • Please do not park on the side of the road and limit your travel if possible.
  • Please be aware that the City of Groton will not be responsible for any damage resulting from snow removal operations to fences, mailboxes, basketball hoops, bike / skateboard ramps, and similar items that are located too close to the roadway or are in poor condition.
  • The City of Groton is not responsible for the snow that accumulates around your mailbox. It is the homeowners' responsibility to remove the accumulated snow from their mailbox.
  • Please place your garbage and recycling roll-out containers beyond the edge of pavement or curb and not in the street. Objects in the street are the biggest deterrent to efficient plowing operations.
  • Never pass a snowplow or salt truck.