Strategic Communications


Branding Project

In a public poll, Groton City — History in the Making was chosen from among three brands as being the best representation of the city and its people. The brand has had a soft launch and will become more visible throughout the community in 2024. The development of the brand involved many engaged partners in our greater community from 2020-2023. We thank you for your participation and support.  The tagline, visual elements, and colors were developed by the Norwich-based marketing agency Miranda Creative and tested with Groton City residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors.

Groton City has contributed to the character and identity of the United States in numerous ways over the years, from the long presence of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe in southeastern Connecticut to the design and construction of the first nuclear submarine. Groton City — History in the Making pays tribute to this history while also recognizing the city’s role in today’s innovations, such as the development of lifesaving drugs and the growth of the offshore wind sector. It also relates to individual histories, including families who have put down roots in the community and businesses reaching major milestones.

Key Brand Elements

  • The blue used in the brand ties it to the official city seal, which uses the same shade as its primary color. 
  • The green color in the brand is a more vibrant take on the hue found in the seal, conveying this outward facing brand’s energy and proactive nature. 
  • The brand seats the Fort Griswold obelisk within the letter G, for Groton City. The G is designed with a bold and modern shape looking toward the city’s future potential.

The obelisk, a highly visible feature within the city, has similar prominence in the Groton City — History in the Making brand. The 135-foot structure, completed in 1830, commemorates the militiamen lost in the Battle of Groton Heights on Sept. 6, 1781. During this battle, one of the last in the Revolutionary War, British forces commanded by Benedict Arnold burned New London and inflicted heavy casualties on Fort Griswold’s defenders. 

A Note about Groton City

A municipal tagline is not to be confused with a city seal, but is an independent brand designed to communicate what makes a municipality (in this case the City of Groton) unique and appealing through a combination of visual identity tools and easy-to-recall wordmarks.

From one of the last Revolutionary War battles to the world's first nuclear submarine, Groton City has made its mark on history. But we're not finished yet; our history continues to be written each passing day, by those who live and work here.

History in the Making

There are the entrepreneurs pursuing cutting-edge technology, the workers building the next generation of nuclear submarines, the researchers developing drugs that will change countless lives, and the students who will lead the next generation into the future. There are the families who find their first home in a welcoming Groton City neighborhood, and the tourists who discover the charm of our beachfront communities.

We invite you to be part of this ever-developing story and to help Groton City continue to make its mark on history.




Making History in our City

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