What can we take?

Acceptable Materials

From the House:From the garage:From the Workbench:From the yard/garden:
Drain cleaner Oven Cleaner Metal polish Photo Chemicals Dry cleaning fluids Floor cleaners Arts/crafts supplies Florescent bulbsFire starters cleaner Gasoline Old chemistry sets Waxes, polishes Transmission fluid Brake fluidRust preventatives Wood preservatives Oil and Latex-based paint Lead-based paint Degreasers Empty Aerosol cans Paint thinner Solvents Sealants, Wood strippersPesticides Herbicides Rodent killers Muriatic acid Fertilizers Insect sprays Pool chemicals No-pest strips

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1. What are hazardous household wastes?
2. Why Collect?
3. What can we take?
4. Who is it for?
5. How?