Transco Reg And Annual BOD Agenda 11-19-2020

6119 transco reg and annual bod_agenda_11 19 2020 pdf unpublished agendas cmeec 1605280352 77bb4fd5814210df2f4d9c026fa5b59a 4b88eaa544bcc007e4325612fc71b7fa2c2b7b632ea0ed0e7733bf3f83e83ec0 239×300 _zg2ghepmomnd thumb jpg bod agenda 11 13 10 12 32 0 1000 01 pdf application to board of directors from kevin barber chair dave meisinger ctmeec ceo subject agenda and notice for the transco joint annual regular meeting thursday november 19 2020 attached is scheduled be held via zoom telephonically will begin immediately following cmeec standard action items topic page item number a public comment period b conduct voting roster roll call c approve minutes 40 october 22 specific lead d governance committee report ronald gaudet scott whittier possible vote 2021 45 officers members 47 dates e amendment comprehensive 50 management services agreement between robin kipnis f new business g adjournment posted this 13th day page_text extracted_title num_pages analyze pdf_pages pdf_2text timings