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Recycling – What you CAN and CANNOT Recycle — May 22, 2020

Recycling is as important now as it has ever been – if not more so. The earth cannot sustain sending trash to landfills endlessly. Incinerator plants can lead to air and water pollution. The earth is not ours to trash, and we need to treat it better. Plastics, while convenient, takes centuries to break down. That water bottle that you just tossed into the trash will still be around for hundreds of years if not properly recycled. We all need to take the time to make sure that we take care of the earth, and recycling is the least that we can do.

Fortunately, the City of Groton believes strongly in recycling. As part of our recycling program we want to help you determine what items are recyclable, and what items you should be throwing in the trash. While it would be nice if everything was recyclable, that is currently not the case – and throwing non-recyclable items in the wrong bin can cost time and money.

Mayor Keith Hedrick recorded an informative video explaining and demonstrating what is and what is not recyclable.


The following are items that people often question whether they are recyclable or not. These items are NOT recyclable. Please keep in mind that not all plastics are recyclable.

Plastics: Non-plastics:
Straws Greasy pizza boxes
Plastic utensils Packing peanuts
Coffee cups Styrofoam or polystyrene containers
Bubble wrap Aerosol Cans
Plastic bags Window, mirrors, broken glass
Keyboards Hardcover books
Dirty plastic Waxes paper cartons
Plastic wrap Electronics
Most water bottle caps Cleaning products
Shower curtains Clothes hangers
Medical waste


This is not a complete list, but covers a lot of ground. To check on items not included here please go to the Willimantic Waste Website and use the lookup tool on the front page.

For more information see the City of Groton Recycling Guide posted on the website.