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Invitation to Bid – Reconstruction of Poquonnock Road — June 4, 2021

PROJECT #L058-0003

The City of Groton will receive sealed bids at the Office of the Purchasing Agent, 295 Meridian Street,
Groton, Connecticut 06340, until 11:00 A.M. on July 1, 2021 at which time they will be publicly opened and
read aloud.

Bid documents are available from the Purchasing Department website ,
on the State Contracting portal In addition, hard copies may be obtained (at
a cost to you) from City of Groton Finance Department. The consulting engineer for this project
is: BETA Group Inc., Hartford CT (860-513-1503).

Proposers shall comply with State mandated Guidelines if and shall comply with Equal Opportunity
Employment Practices, and Safety and Health Regulations.

This contract is subject to state set-aside (CHRO) and contract compliance requirements.
This contract is subject to state contract compliance requirements, including non-discrimination
statutes and set-aside requirements. State law requires a minimum of twenty-five (25%) percent of
the state funded portion of the contract be set aside for award to subcontractors holding current
certification from the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services. The contractor must
demonstrate good faith effort to meet the 25% set-aside goals.

No Pre-Bid meeting is scheduled for this project.

The CITY OF GROTON reserves the right to waive and/or reject any and all proposals or any part
thereof, waive the information in the proposal process, and reject any unqualified proposals, or
accept any proposal or part thereof, deemed to be in the best interest of the CITY OF GROTON.

Reconstruction of Poquonnock Road
Bid Number:20-02-01
Category:Open Bids
DescriptionRFP #20-02-01 DUE: July 1, 2021 at 11:00AM


The CITY OF GROTON, (hereinafter referred to as CITY or Owner), through the office of the Purchasing
Agent, will accept sealed proposals for the POQUONNOCK ROAD RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT in the
CITY OF GROTON in accordance with the specifications and requirements detailed in this request. All
qualified and interested parties (hereinafter referred to as proposer, bidder, contractor or supplier) are invited
to submit proposals under the terms and conditions set forth as follows:

This RFP is not a contract offer, and no contract exists until a written contract is signed by the CITY and
the successful proposer.


Bids shall be submitted by using the enclosed BID PROPOSAL FORM that accompanies this request.
Submit one (1) ORIGINAL and Three (3) EXACT COPIES. Bidders should submit bids in a clear, concise
and legible manner to permit proper evaluation of responsive bids.

Each BID PROPOSAL FORM shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Purchasing Agent
as noted below, and plainly marked on the outside as “POQUONNOCK ROAD RECONSTRUCTION
PROJECT”. The envelope shall bear on the outside the name and address of the proposer. No oral,
telephone or telegraphic responses will be considered. Proposals received after the advertised time and
date due shall not be opened or considered. The CITY reserves the right to communicate with any or all
of the proposers to clarify the provisions of Proposals. The CITY further reserves the right to request
additional information from any proposer at any time after proposals are opened.


a) Proposals are to be completed (unless directed otherwise in the specifications), printed, signed by an
authorized agent, and sealed in an envelope (including all official literature, brochures, etc., which support
this request) and addressed as follows:

BID #20-02-01
DUE: July 1, 2021 at 11:00 am sharp
295 Meridian Street
Groton, Connecticut 06340,
Attn: Ron Yuhas, Finance Director

b) All Proposals must be made on the enclosed Proposal form. All blank spaces for Proposal prices must
be filled in, in ink or typewritten, and the proposal form must be fully completed and executed when
submitted. Please be advised that the person signing the formal proposal must be authorized by your
organization to contractually bind your firm with regard to prices and related contractual obligations for
the subject project

c) The party signing the formal proposal must be authorized by your organization to contractually bind
your firm with regard to prices and related contractual obligations for the contractual period requested.

d) The CITY reserves the right to correct, after proposer verification, any mistake in a proposal that is a
clerical error, such as a price extension or decimal point error.
Closing Date/TimeJul 01, 2021 11:00 AM
MiscellaneousAll inquiries regarding this request shall be submitted up to the close of business on June 18, 2021, after which time no additional questions will be accepted. All questions shall be submitted in writing to the Financial Director, Ron Yuhas by email .