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Eastern Connecticut Conservation District Installs Rain Gardens in Groton — August 31, 2022

The Eastern Connecticut Conservation District, through a Long Island Sound Futures Fund Grant, with support from the City of Groton and Electric Boat Management Association spent a beautiful Saturday morning installing two (2) rain gardens in the City of Groton. The installations were done at both the Avery-Copp House on Thames Street and Groton Townhouse Apartments on Litton Avenue.
What is a rain garden?? A depressed garden bed filled with native pollinator plants and shrubs that collects runoff from impervious surfaces and allow it to infiltrate into the ground rather than allowing it to flow into the stormwater system
Why is it beneficial? Studies suggest that stormwater runoff is the number one source of water pollution. Planting a rain garden can improve water quality by preventing sediment, nutrients, bacteria and chemicals from flowing into streams, rivers and other water bodies.
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