Department Profile


The City of Groton Fire Department is a multi-discipline department that serves the City of Groton proper and is contracted by the West Pleasant Valley Fire District for fire protection and first responder medical services.

The City and West Pleasant Valley districts occupy the western side of the Town of Groton along the Thames River.

The Fire Department protects approximately seven square miles from two strategically located fire stations. Each of these stations have career personnel on duty twenty four hours a day. These two stations allow us to respond in a timely manner to any emergency within our community.

The Fire Department operates several pieces of apparatus. Our front line apparatus include an engines, a tower ladder and an EMS response unit. We have one fire engine as a spare apparatus.  As a result of our maritime exposure, we operate two marine units. One unit is designed for shallow water / ice rescue operations and the other is designed to operate on the Thames River and Long Island Sound.

Our department utilizes and provides mutual aid apparatus to our neighboring fire departments in Groton and the surrounding communities.

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