Fire Department

 Vision Statement:


“Through Training and Preparation, Provide Adequate Protection to our Citizens, Guests and Mutual Aid Partners in a Quality and Caring Manner”


Mission Statement:

It is our ultimate mission to provide fire, rescue, hazardous materials, fire prevention, disaster prevention / mitigation and emergency medical services to the citizens and guests of the City of Groton, with a combination force dedicated to taking care of our customers as well as our fellow members, in a quality and efficient manner and delivered within the financial parameters provided to us by our customers.

Contact Information

Telephone: 860.445.2456

Address: 140 Broad Street, Groton, CT
Address: 416 Benham Road, Groton, CT

Chief: Robert Tompkins
Deputy Chief: Edward Sargent


Picture of Fire Truck

Information regarding open burning and applying for a burn permit should be addressed to Edward Sargent at 860-446-4106.


Services & Information

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