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From one of the last Revolutionary War battles to the world’s first nuclear submarine, Groton City has made its mark on history. But we’re not finished yet; our history continues to be written each passing day, by those who live and work here.

There are the entrepreneurs pursuing cutting-edge technology, the workers building the next generation of nuclear submarines, the researchers developing drugs that will change countless lives, and the students who will lead the next generation into the future. There are the families who find their first home in a welcoming Groton City neighborhood, and the tourists who discover the charm of our beachfront communities.

We invite you to be part of this ever-developing story and to help Groton City continue to make its mark on history.

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Making History in our City:

Since 1972, Project Oceanology has called Groton City home and taught students to understand and appreciate the marine environment. Hear how Groton City has been a partner on Project Oceanology’s educational initiatives.

Learn how Pine Island Marina found a close-knit community and support for its entrepreneurial efforts when they came to Groton City.

Cheers! Outer Light Brewing Company toasts Groton City as the “perfect location” for its business, crediting the support of the people who live and work here as one reason for the brewery’s success.

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