POCD Res Legend

Responsibility Legend

Acronyms For Leaders And Partners

BPC Beach and Parks Committee
Council City Council
CWC Conservation / Wetlands Comm.
CVWG Coastal Vulnerability Working Group (NEW)
DEEP Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
DOT Connecticut Department of Transportation
EDC Economic Development Commission
EPHD Eastern Point Historic District Commission
Fire City of Groton Fire
HMC Harbor Management Commission
LLHD Ledge Light Health District
Mayor Mayor
Police City of Groton Police / Traffic Authority
PZC Planning and Zoning Commission
PW Public Works
SECCOG Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments
SECTER Southeastern Connecticut Enterprise Region
Staff City of Groton Staff
TRHP Thames River Heritage Park
TRIP Thames River Innovation Partnership
TOG Town of Groton
UC Utilities Commission
WPCA Water Pollution Control Authority


 NOTE – The “priority” numbers in the strategy tables in the POCD are intended for general guidance only.