Boards and Commissions

Under authority of the City Charter, Article V, Section 4, by State Statutes and by Ordinance the Mayor and Mayor and Council may assign, by appointment, individuals to sit on the various boards, commissions and committees. Some boards, commissions and committees serve in only an advisory role while others have the authority to make a binding decision that is not subject to review by the City Council.

Applications and other information regarding vacancies on boards, commissions and committees are always available at the City Clerk’s office.

Meetings: The agendas for each board, commission or committee is posted in the municipal building and on the web site calendar at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The minutes of those meetings are available within 7 days as required by Freedom Of Information. Freedom of Information requires those meetings to be open and all work product to be public record unless in executive session. There are circumstances, allowed by law, when an emergency meeting may be called or a meeting may be held in executive session.

Services & Information

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