Human Resources

Mission Statement

As the City of Groton Human Resources Department we strive on a daily basis to provide excellent support to our employees and leaders through the development and administration of quality human resources practices, programs and services designed to promote a positive work environment, and increase organizational effectiveness. Regardless of position, every employee contributes to the success of our City.

Key Roles

  • Attract and retain top employee talent
  • Administer and interpret the city’s labor contract and handbooks
  • Represent the city’s interest in collective bargaining, grievance, and arbitration matters
  • Culture Champions in providing support initiatives to boost morale and provide employee/labor relations to all city departments
  • Work closely with our Finance team as Benefits and Rewards Advocates to assist with the administration of the city’s compensation plans, employee benefit plans, and pension plans
  • Organize specific employee events, training, and safety programs
  • Provide organization excellence by keeping up with HR trends, labor laws, and technologies in order to increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and develop effective change management strategies.
  • Analysis of job classifications

If you are looking for Social Services assistance please contact the Town of Groton Social Services Department at 860-441-6760.

General Information

The City of Groton is an Equal Opportunity Employer in accordance with Federal, State and local laws. Employment decisions are based solely upon qualifications and abilities. Discrimination because of an individual’s race, color, religious creed, age, sex, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other protected class is prohibited.

Current Employment Opportunities

Working for the City of Groton or Groton Utilities can be rewarding and fulfilling experience. Check our job board to see our current employment opportunities.