Poquonnock Road Reconstruction Complete

With the Poquonnock Road Reconstruction Project being completed on November 30th, we would like to thank the residents, businesses, pedestrians and local road travellers for their patience throughout this project. As it was stated by one business owner, this is our community and we should be proud of these improvements. 

The purpose of the roadway and sidewalk reconstruction project was to rectify flaws in the existing condition of the subgrade and to improve pedestrian safety and access throughout the corridor. We are pleased with the results and feel that we have accomplished those stated goals.

Poquonnock Road’s pavement profile was constructed on top of a rail line more than 100 years old, much of which remained in place when the roadway was constructed. This subgrade has been failing over time, causing resurfacing and non-full depth reconstruction efforts to fail. Construction performed on the west side of Poquonnock Road, several years ago, revealed a strata of cast in place concrete, which required heavy equipment to remove. 

Sidewalks were replaced to address differential settlement and to meet current accessibility requirements. There was also major drainage improvements throughout the project in order to ensure we meet current storm flooding concerns.

Once again we thank you for your patience during this process. If you have any questions or concerns as always feel free to reach out to the Public Works Department at 860-446-4127.


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