COVID-19 Self-Test Distribution for City Residents on 1/5

COVID Self TestThe City of Groton will distribute a limited number of Antigen Self-Test kits for COVID-19 Infection Detection. This distribution results from a cooperative effort with Governor Ned Lamont, the State Department of Public Health, State Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, the Connecticut National Guard, the local Health Department Ledge Light Health District, and the City of Groton.

Personnel will pass out the Self-Tests to residents of the City of Groton on Wednesday, January 5th at 5pm at the City of Groton Municipal Building. All vehicles will enter through Washington Park at the Park Avenue entrance. To ensure the health and safety of City staff, we respectfully request that all attendees wear masks when receiving their kit and exercise patience during this process.

Residents will have to show proof of residency in the City of Groton, which may be in the form of a driver’s license, tax bill, car registration, or items of mail demonstrating an address within the City of Groton. Due to limited availability, each vehicle will be limited to 1 test kit. Additionally, N95 masks will be available.

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