Santa in the City – Saturday, 12/19

Santa will journey through the City of Groton on Saturday, December 19th, starting at 1pm. Please catch Santa along his route.

Santa will start at Kinnesbrook Condominiums and will continue on Meridian Street.  He will go right onto North Street to Bridge Street where Santa will loop through Groton Towers.  Santa will go back down Bridge Street to Fairview where he will circle through Grove, Walker Hill, Riverview and Bliven.

Santa will drive south down Thames Street and take left onto Smith where he will pass Fort Griswold and continue onto Monument.  Santa will go right onto Broad Street and then right onto North, continuing on to Mitchell and Benham.

Santa will go right onto Forest and left onto West Elderkin.  He will continue on Benham to Warner, Division and Morse Ave.  Santa will take a right onto Benham again and loop through Chapman, Eastern Point Rd, Nicolas Ave and Trident Place.

Santa will go south down Eastern Point Rd to Bayview and circle through Round Hill to Greenway to Shennecossett Parkway.  Santa will circle through 3 Acre Rd onto Greenview and take a right onto Plant Street.  Santa will continue down Eastern Point Road to Central Blvd, swinging through Eastern Point Beach heading east down Tyler.

Santa will loop around Jupiter Point before heading north on Shennecossett Road to Plant where he will continue onto Eastwood, Tyler, Pennsylvania, Westwood, Laurel, Chestnut and Eastwood.

Santa will continue his route through Branford Manor and through Groton Estates on Mohawk, Nathan Hale, Madison, Paul Revere, Colonial Drive and Liberty.  Santa will go north on Brandegee and onto Litton Avenue.  Santa will go on Old Farm Road and continue to Mirra and Blueberry Drive.

Santa will take Poquonnock Rd to Mitchell Street and continue on Meridian where he will end his tour at the Municipal Building.

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