Public Works Week May 17-23

The City of Groton is proud to celebrate National Public Works Wee. In accordance with the tradition of the American Public Works Association, those who work in professions that provide and maintain public facilities and services will be recognized during National Public Works Week, May 17–23. We will use public education opportunities as a way to remind the community of the contributions of public works professionals.

American Public Works Association, sponsor of National Public Works Week, values all communities and the role public works professionals play in keeping them safe and functioning smoothly. Our objective is designed to increase public awareness of their contributions as well as to enlighten the public about the duties, practices, and goals of public works professionals. Public Works Departments do far more than you realize and we will use this week to highlight some of the lesser known jobs that they perform.

Public works professionals include those who manage refuse removal systems, road work, line painting, sidewalk repairs, sign posting as well as those responsible for maintaining public buildings and grounds. They are, in short, the people who maintain and improve the systems and services vital to a community’s health, safety and comfort.

Please join us in thanking our Public Works Department for all of their contributions to the City of Groton.

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