City of Groton Zoom Musical Bingo

Family Friendly BINGO through Zoom Online!
Friday, May 22nd and 6:30 pm

No fee to play, prize will be mailed to your house.

All the excitement of Bingo combined with a great variety of song snippets makes for a Fantastic, Fun Friday Night!

Registration is now open for City Residents and starting May 12th Non-Residents can register too.

Not your ordinary Bingo, No B4 or N44 bingo balls called. This Bingo is a Jukebox Bingo and your Bingo Sheet is full of song titles, like YMCA, Sweet Caroline or Dancing Queen among many other songs!

Get 5 in a row (correctly heard song titles matching your card), Up, Down or Diagonal and you yell BINGO.
Don’t know song titles? No worries, the title is scrambled at the top of your Zoom screen while it is playing to give you a hint.

What is Zoom and how do I use it? Simply click on the link, that will be emailed to you with your Bingo cards, it will launch Zoom, then follow the directions on how to login. All directions and access codes will be included in your email.

*** ONE Registration per household please.

Tell us how many in your household will be playing (you can have as many as 6) and each player gets a card with 2 games on it for each of the 4 bingo games that will be played.

Each registered household will receive an email Thursday Evening, 5/21/20 with a pdf of your families bingo cards. Simply print them off and follow along!

Please check you internet connection 10 minutes prior and login early so we can start on time.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: Wednesday, May 20th at 4 pm.

Open to City of Groton Residents Only until Monday, May 11th then it will open to Non-Residents to register. Space is limited.