Virtual Easter Egg Hunt












Easter Sunday is approaching and normally that means the ever-popular City of Groton Easter Egg hunt would take place Saturday. Unfortunately like most events the Annual Easter Egg hunt was cancelled due to the health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis. No eggs, no candy, no frantic scramble in front of the municipal building. It’s very sad indeed.

Just as many others have found “alternate” methods of accomplishing tasks that we normally take for granted, the City of Groton Parks and Recreation Department has set up a “Virtual” Easter Egg Hunt for the children of Groton to enjoy with their families. “Virtual” is a bit of a misnomer, as this isn’t an online egg hunt, but rather one that will get you and the kids up and out of the house, but in a way that avoids the crowds of a standard egg hunt.

Parks and Recreation have placed 50 “eggs” (in actuality, laminated illustrations of eggs) in three three general locations: City of Groton Municipal Building (front areas only), Washington Park and Eastern Point Beach. Each egg is secured in one of these locations and has a unique number assigned to it. The goal is to search these three areas and keep track of how many you find and then report your totals back to Parks and Recreation. This is the honor system folks, so please have fun and be honest with your totals.

We ask that you DO NOT REMOVE these eggs so that other families can find them too! Simply keep your own log of which numbered eggs you found and where you found it (you may be asked to verify some locations). Sometime before 4:00 pm on Monday, 4/13/20 send us an email at with your families contact info and the total number of how many eggs you were able to find. If you want to send us pictures of your family having fun with our virtual Easter Egg Hunt, we would love to share those on our Facebook page as well.

Once final tallies are made prizes will be awarded.

So get out of the house, practice social distancing and have yourself some fun.

The egg hunt begins now and ends at 4:00 pm on Monday, 4/13.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!!