“Name the Park” Contest

Lower Costa PropertyIt’s not often that you get an opportunity to do something that will last for years to come. Well here’s your chance to leave your mark. The City of Groton Parks & Recreation Department is accepting name submissions for the “Lower Costa Property” located at 353 Thames Street (water side), located near the City of Groton sewage treatment plant. If your name is chosen you will receive a 2019 Eastern Point Beach Pass.

All entries must be submitted by mail or in person on an official entry form to the City of Groton Park & Recreation Department office by May 1, 2019. Forms are available at the City of Groton Parks & Recreation Office (295 Meridian Street) or on the Parks and Recreation website by clicking on this link.

Suggestions for park names must not infringe on any trademarks or licensed products. Names associated with natural features of the landscape (rivers, wetlands, etc), natural resource related attributes (wildlife, vegetation, geological feature), and historic significance or amenities are preferred for park properties. Submissions should be one to three word names that are concise and distinctive from a regional standpoint.

City/Groton Utilities employees and their immediate family members are ineligible. City Board members and their immediate family members are also ineligible.

To read more and/or submit any entry click here.