City of Groton Announces Hire of Economic Development Specialist

The City of Groton Economic Development Commission and Planning Department welcomes Cierra Patrick as the Economic Development Specialist.

Ms. Patrick has a Bachelors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Hampton University. As well as a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Georgetown University.

Ms. Patrick has enjoyed years of professional experience in marketing, finance, and city planning. Her desire is to assist in creating thriving, inclusive, and sustainable communities. As the Economic Development Specialist for the City of Groton Ms. Patrick will assist the Economic Development Commission in developing and implementing strategies to encourage and optimize investment in the City of Groton.

“We are excited to welcome Ms. Patrick to spearhead the strategies of the Economic Development Commission. Ms. Patrick’s role complements the EDC’s efforts as they continue to support The City of Groton business and service community, for example she will be overseeing the new Business Soft Cost Grant Program.”  – Mayor Keith Hedrick

Born and raised in Southeastern Connecticut, Ms. Patrick’s aspiration is to be involved in progressive moments of community growth and economic development and to see the communities of Connecticut thrive economically.