On-Line Survey for Plan of Conservation and Development

The City of Groton is conducting an on-line survey to get input from City residents as part of updating the Plan of Conservation and Development. Groton on MapThe survey can be accessed from the link below:

Plan of Conservation and Development Survey

The survey provides an opportunity for City residents to identify issues they believe need attention, now and in the future, and suggest priorities and strategies for consideration in the updated Plan.

A Plan of Conservation and Development (Plan) is an advisory document used by the Planning and Zoning Commission and other City agencies to:

  • Guide the protection of the resources important to residents
  • Guide growth and change in the city
  • Identify facilities and services needed or wanted to support the community


The current Plan of Conservation and Development was adopted in 2008.

City residents are encouraged to fill out the survey as a way to help ensure that the Plan reflects community goals. “This Plan is an important document which will be used to guide future conservation and development activity over the next decade and beyond,” said Paul Kunkemoeller, Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission which is responsible for overseeing the update of the Plan.

The City is publicizing the availability of the survey through regular media outlets, the city website and also through Facebook.  People who want to stay up-to-date on City events and other topics are encouraged to connect to the City’s Facebook account.

City of Groton Facebook Page