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Municipal Building Limited Reopening on September 8th — September 4, 2020

Beginning September 8, 2020 the City of Groton Municipal Building will be open to the public Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 3pm and by appointment at other times. The exception to this is the Building and Zoning Department, which is open only by appointment due to space limitations.

Groton Utilities Customer Service will be open during these times for cash payments, which must be of exact change. All other payment types need to be done either online through or by mail.

All visitors to City Offices must check in with the greeter located in the center of the Municipal Building lobby. The appropriate city official will then come out to assist.

All visitors to the building MUST wear a face mask. No mask, no entry.

If you have any questions about the reopening of the Municipal Building you may call the Mayor’s Office at 860-446-4103 or GU Customer Service at 860-446-4000.


Coyote River Band Perform Live on 8/28 in Washington Park — August 26, 2020

The Coyote River Band wraps up our summer concert series this Friday at 6:30 PM in Washington Park. The band will rock the park with their infectious blend of classic rock, country and dance music. The group mixes three-part harmonies with top-notch musicianship to keep fans entertained deep into the night. More than anything these guys (and gal) are really talented and just a whole lot of fun. Come on down and enjoy a great show.

Last week’s concert featured Concerts in the Park newcomers Andre and Friends. They are extremely talented and really know how to bring the party to the park – so much dancing! It also once again showed that we could successfully hold a concert with the safety precautions in place necessary to have a gathering of this sort. Once again we had a selection of food trucks to help feed the masses. This week the trucks will be Supreme Hot Dog, Rolling Tomato Pizza and Robin’s Ice Cream truck.

The City of Groton takes the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously and will be making accommodations to ensure the safety of all who choose to come to the shows. Due to the outdoor nature of the shows and the vastness of Washington Park attendees should be able to maintain a healthy distance from others, but we will also be making the following precautions:

  • The viewing area in Washington Park will be marked off with 18 foot-sized boxes in which attendees can sit to enjoy the show. Each box will be separated from each other by empty spaces of equal size. (Below is a sample diagram of a general look of set up).
  • Face masks must be worn whenever you are not in your box – meaning walking to and from your vehicle, the restrooms or any other destination.
  • Stay with your cohert. Please arrive with your group and do not intermingle with other groups. This is vital in our efforts to reduce the spread of the virus.


As with everything during the health crisis, everything is subject to change. There is nothing more important to us at the City of Groton and Groton Utilities than the health and well-being of our fellow residents, so if it appears that having Concerts in the Park is not safe for all, then we will adjust the schedule again or cancel the 2020 season.

With all that said, here is the Concert Schedule for the 2020 season. We hope to see you there.

  • July 24th – Mass-Conn Fusion
  • July 31st – The Usual Lebowskis
  • August 7th – Leaf Jumpers
  • August 14th – The Cartells
  • August 21st – Andre and Friends
  • August 28th – Coyote River Band


All concerts are held in Washington Park in Groton, Connecticut and begin at 6:30 p.m. Concerts are free to the public. For the first time food trucks will be onsite beginning at least 30 minutes prior to the performance. Q105 will return to our shows as well.

Eastern Chamber City of Groton Zoom Town Hall Meeting – June 23rd — June 8, 2020

The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT is proud to present a City of Groton Town Hall Zoom event to connect the business community with their local elected officials and economic development experts on Tuesday, June 23rd at 11:00 a.m.

We will discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the city’s responses, programs, economic updates, and more. Take this opportunity to learn, get engaged, and ask questions.


Mayor Keith Hedrick

Cierra Patrick, Economic Development Specialist

Register here

Summer Sanitation Hours Begin May 26th — May 21, 2020

Summer Sanitation Hours Start on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Summer Sanitation Hours begin at 6:00 am – everyone should have their trash and/or recycling out for pickup out by 6:00 am in the morning.

Memorial Day Trash/Recycling Schedule — May 20, 2020

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday on Monday, May 25th trash and recycling normally picked up on Monday will be picked up on Tuesday instead.

Mayor Hedrick Announces Opening of Eastern Point Beach – Video — May 19, 2020

Eastern Point Beach Opening June 20th — 

The City of Groton will be opening Eastern Point Beach as scheduled on June 20th, with restrictions. Beach capacity will be limited to ensure proper social distancing.

Beach passes will be on sale starting this Saturday, May 23rd online. Beach passes are non-refundable. Due to limited capacity, purchase of a beach pass does not automatically mean you will get into the beach. This includes City residents and walk-ins.

Beach-Pass Purchasing Information:

  • Passes can be purchased online at the City of Groton Parks and Recreation website beginning Saturday, May 23rd.
  • If you are unable to purchase a pass online you may mail in your pass request with a copy of ID, a copy of your vehicle registration and a check or you may drop it off at the blue box on the landing outside of the Municipal Building.
  • Passes will not be sold in person at the Municipal Building or at the beach gate. No cash will be accepted.
  • Passes will be mailed to your home address.
  • No day passes will be sold – you must have a pre-purchased pass.


Restrictions and Rules for the 2020 Beach Season:

  • Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will be limited to City of Groton residents only.
  • Walk-ins will be limited to City residents only.
  • The concession stand will not be open.
  • Picnic tables and grills will not be available.
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult when on Eastern Point Beach property.


Safety Measures and Face-Mask Requirements:

  • Patrons will be required to wear masks from their vehicles to their destinations and when walking around beach property when unable to maintain socially distancing.
  • Patrons will be required to wear masks in the bathrooms.
  • Social distancing will be enforced on the beach.
  • Parents are expected to ensure that their children follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Bathrooms may be monitored and have limited occupancy.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Patrons who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the beach. If you are removed from the beach on multiple occasions, your beach pass will be revoked for the season.


We are asking patrons to please be respectful of others with the amount of space they take up on the beach as well as how long they stay at the beach to allow others to also enjoy the beach. This is a fluid situation. Understand that the beach may only be open for part of the season, beach times and rules may change based on the fluctuating and unknown conditions at the national, state and local levels.

We ask that all patrons be respectful and patient with staff and changing rules this summer.  We are in unprecedented times and the City of Groton is working to ensure a healthy, safe and fun summer for all.






Reopening Businesses – Outdoor Seating Permits and Information — 

reopen connecticut logoThe City of Groton shares your determination to reopen your establishments and return your employees to work. To support these goals, the City of Groton has established a Business Reopening Task Force. The Task Force is designed to assist businesses with their reopening and guide them in the safety protocols provided by the.  Members of the team include the Mayor Hedrick and the Mayor’s office and members of the, Fire, Police, Zoning, Building, and Economic Development Departments.  We have prepared this document to assist with expanding outdoor areas for restaurants. We now have included a streamlined process to enlarge or establish an outdoor dining area throughout the pandemic period.  When restrictions for indoor dining are eased, we stand ready to work with your team to implement safety protocols for those future operations.

Our Task Force will work with you and your staff to address the many challenges ahead. We are committed to supporting your operations and return to profitability. For assistance, please contact Carlton Smith, Building and Zoning Official 860-446-4134 or Cierra Patrick, Economic Development Specialist, at 860-446-4066 or for specific questions regarding the permit process.

The City of Groton will be following the guidelines established by Governor Lamont in the REOPEN Connecticut guidelines.


New/Expanded/Tent Outdoor Seating Information and Requirements

Outdoor Seating Permit:

  • Expansion of a previously approved indoor/outdoor dining area or establishment of new outdoor dining requires submission of the two Outdoor Seating Permit documents found at the bottom of this page to be approved by the Building Official, Fire Marshal, and Zoning Officials (ALL FEES WAIVED).
  • Temporary outdoor dining permits and expansion of existing permits will be valid until full indoor dining restrictions are lifted by the State of CT.
  • Outdoor Seating Permit MUST include:
    • Property owner signature/authorization
    • A site plan sketch is required with permit indicating new, expansion or tent area. You may use the Town of Groton GIS property maps.
    • Outdoor dining area must be clearly delineated by railings, stanchions, or other suitable barriers and shown on the plan. No service shall be permitted outside delineated area.
    • Handicap access to and from the seating to the building, restrooms, and parking areas must be shown on the plan.


General Outdoor Seating Information

  • Patio space and tents shall not block fire department access.
  • No outdoor food or beverage prep shall be permitted.
  • Social distancing must be maintained. No waiting queues are permitted; patrons required to make reservations or have a mobile device notification.
  • No parties greater than 5.
  • Outdoor area must close no later than 9:00 p.m. (Sunday-Thursday) 11:00 p.m. (Friday and Saturday)
  • Must maintain clear path for pedestrians a minimum of 6’. Failure to abide by the required criteria can be cause for the City of Groton to revoke the right to have outdoor seating
  • Number of persons permitted in the outdoor space is limited to 50% of normal occupancy load. Any questions about the current occupant load for the business establishment should be directed to the fire marshal’s office, 860-446-4106 or e-mail


Tent Requirements

If tents are erected permits are required only for tents greater than 400    square feet in area or 700SF in total if open on all sides.

Membrane material should comply regardless of the size of the tent.

Tents over 900 sq. feet will require a physical inspection from the Office of the Fire Marshal and the Building Department prior to permit use. All tents must comply with the following:

  • No Sides
  • No heaters under the tent o No cooking under the tent
  • All tents up to 900 sq. ft. can only be occupied by 50 people or less
  • Electricity is permitted with a Building Department Inspection
  • Any tent within excess of 10,000 square feet should not be closer than 12 feet to another structure.
  • No smoking, fireworks or open flames of any kind shall be permitted in any tent or shelter.
  • NO SMOKING signs shall be posted.
  • No flammable liquids or gases (this includes LP gas) shall be brought into any tent.
  • Fire extinguishers are required.
  • Tents shall have at least TWO means of egress remote from each other.
  • Means of egress shall have suitable exit indicating signs.
  • Tents with center poles shall have them securely lashed to ground driven stakes
  • Tents shall not be erected for more than 180 consecutive days per CSFSC     3103.5.
  • Dining areas must be protected from vehicle traffic with an approved method (ex. Cement block/barrier) when appropriate but must not interfere with access for first responders.


Public Works Week May 17-23 — May 18, 2020

The City of Groton is proud to celebrate National Public Works Wee. In accordance with the tradition of the American Public Works Association, those who work in professions that provide and maintain public facilities and services will be recognized during National Public Works Week, May 17–23. We will use public education opportunities as a way to remind the community of the contributions of public works professionals.

American Public Works Association, sponsor of National Public Works Week, values all communities and the role public works professionals play in keeping them safe and functioning smoothly. Our objective is designed to increase public awareness of their contributions as well as to enlighten the public about the duties, practices, and goals of public works professionals. Public Works Departments do far more than you realize and we will use this week to highlight some of the lesser known jobs that they perform.

Public works professionals include those who manage refuse removal systems, road work, line painting, sidewalk repairs, sign posting as well as those responsible for maintaining public buildings and grounds. They are, in short, the people who maintain and improve the systems and services vital to a community’s health, safety and comfort.

Please join us in thanking our Public Works Department for all of their contributions to the City of Groton.

Mayor Hedrick Issues Declaration of Local Civil Preparedness Emergency – Municipal Building Closing Tuesday Evening — March 16, 2020

City of Groton Mayor Keith Hedrick has issued a Declaration of Local Civil Preparedness Emergency this evening in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition, the Mayor announced that the City of Groton Municipal Building will be closed to the public indefinitely beginning at the end of business on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The Groton Utilities Customer Service Center will also not be accessible to the public with the building closing to the public. City Government and Groton Utilities will be fully functional, however, and all employees are expected to report to work as usual.

While the building is closed residents and customers may still call city and utility departments for assistance. Groton Utilities customers can pay their utility bills either online through the company website,, or on the phone with a customer service representative at 860-446-4000.

All other transactions and queries can be handled by phone with a customer service representative as well.

Earlier in the day it was announced that all City of Groton public meetings will be closed to the public indefinitely. The meetings will be televised live on Groton Municipal Television Channel 2 and online through their website. This was done in response to State of Connecticut Executive Order 7B, which suspended in-person open meeting requirements due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The City of Groton and Groton Utilities appreciates the patience and understanding of all its residents and customers during this crisis. If you have any questions whatever please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The City of Groton Municipal Building is open to the public Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 3pm