Thames River Reconnection

The Cities of Groton and New London, with the Thames River Innovation Places (T.R.I.P), is preparing an economic development implementation strategy for two key, underutilized, yet strategically important neighborhoods.  The City of Groton’s focus is the Thames and Bridge Street corridors from the proximity of the I-95 on and off ramps near Mitchell Street to Eastern Point Road.  The City of New London’s focus is Hodges Square.  The study will explore synergistic elements that can economically link the two locations while drawing upon the innovation sectors that are prominent nearby.  The ultimate goal of this effort is to make the neighborhoods economically vibrant, walkable mixed use destinations.  The work will commence in the early Fall 2018 and is expected to be completed late Spring 2019.

For more information contact Dennis Goderre, City Planner, 860-446-4169,

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