Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission, with the support of the City Planner, is responsible for the orderly and appropriate use and development of residential, commercial and industrial land and the conservation of natural resources. Services provided include the review and approvals of a wide range of land use applications, zoning regulation amendments, planning and development projects, and grant opportunities to ensure that development and growth within the City occurs in a manner which is consistent with existing land use and environmental policy and the objectives contained in the Plan of Conservation and Development.

During the report period, the Planning and Zoning Commission held ten (10) regular meetings. A total of fifteen (15) applications for land use approvals were submitted including two (2) substantial site plan modifications, one (1) Zoning Text Amendment, two requests for bond releases, and one (1) request for a site plan waiver.

The work of the Commission also included processing six (6) referrals from municipal agencies, boards and committees including the Town of Groton, Groton Utilities and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Two additional and significant referrals were the Mayor’s annual Capital Improvement Program, a six-year capital spending plan for the City totaling more than $27,000,000 and the City Council and Town Council referrals of the Thames Street Rehabilitation project planned to go to bond referendum in November of 2009.

A distribution of the applications acted upon by the Commission during the period follows:

Special Permit 4
Site Plan 3
Coastal Site Plan 3
Subdivision 2
Zone Changes 0
Zoning Regulation Changes 1
Subdivision Regulation Changes 2

During the upcoming year, the Planning & Zoning Commission will continue to implement some of the recommendations of the Plan of Conservation and Development including the review and update of the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. Additionally the staff of the Commission will assist with the implementation of the Bridge Street Streetscape Project, funded with Federal ARRA funds, the process to prepare documents necessary for the bond referendum for the Thames Street Rehabilitation Project, the ongoing planning and site preparation of the Costa Properties and the annual preparation of the Capital Improvement Budget.

The Commission and staff will continue to provide technical assistance and expertise to other city departments and members of the public in areas such as land development, coastal management, source water protection, interpretation of regulations and projects such as the Thames Street/Bridge Street Rehabilitation Project and Costa property development.



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