Economic Development Commission Mission Statement


  • Develop strategies to enhance the image and advance the appeal and attractiveness of the City of Groton, specifically the Thames Street and Five Corners corridor, to existing and prospective businesses and residents; and to improve the appearance and function of those areas in a way that purposefully utilizes existing historical assets and location along the river.
  • Emphasize the city’s strengths  and promote a more positive image of the City in new marketing materials and through events, sponsorships programs, retail promotions and general branding of the areas.
  • Support and maintain relationships with existing businesses, promote Groton as a base for a broad spectrum of businesses, and create and maintain a data base of available commercial space.
  • Serve as a conduit between the commercial economic interests in the City of Groton and the municipal government.
City of Groton

Thames Street We have gathered our different resources and tools and placed them here to assist you in starting a business in the City of Groton. No more searching around for all the information you need to get going – just start here!

For starters, use the Business Development Guide.
Business Development Guide

Refer to the FAQ Section to find answers to your questions
FAQ For Business

Business Assistance Grant Program:

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Commission Members

  • Cheryl Auerbach, Berkshire Hathaway, Chairman
  • Vincent Antonelli, Bridge Works Dental
  • Tom Drejer, Outer Light Brewing Co.
  • Miles Dull, Pine Island Marina
  • Jewell Jones, Liberty Bank
  • Annemarie Seifert, UConn Avery Point


  • Jamal Beckford, City Council
  • Lian Obrey, GBA
  • Tina Daniels, Groton Utilities


Ex Officio:  Mayor of the City of Groton

Planning Contacts

Dennis Goderre, City Planner
Phone: 860-446-4169

Economic Development Contacts

Cierra Patrick, Economic Development Specialist
Phone: 860-440-9976


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